Career Profile

Homeschooler → Classical Pianist → Product Marketing → Growth Adviser.

I love simplifying complexity to uncover what really matters. Whether the subject is a Chopin étude, a gnarly javascript method, a new product messaging guide, or a genius growth campaign, I find the same problems and opportunities pop up everywhere.

I take pride in being someone others can rely on without question, and I believe the ability to zoom from details to big picture is the most important skill a person can have.

I grew up in a Rocky Mountain log cabin with five siblings, spent four years discovering NYC is the greatest city on earth, learned that Kansas really is a very nice place too, and now live in Silicon Valley. I love connecting with anyone over a shared passion for music, technology, education, and the arts.


Market Strategy Director

September 2020 — Present
Branch, Redwood City

I help shape our approach to the market, working closely with senior leadership across all teams at Branch.

Senior Growth Adviser

January 2020 — September 2020
Branch, Redwood City

I help companies understand the principles of the mobile growth framework (acquisition, engagement, virality, and measurement), and guide them through the process of applying it in the real world.

Product Marketing Manager

2018 — January 2020
Branch, Redwood City

I worked closely with teams across the company (including Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Business Development) to help people understand what Branch is, and why they need us.

Developer Advocate

2016 — 2018
Branch, Palo Alto

I was the face of Branch to our developer community, and helped build our developer relations and long-tail adoption strategies from the ground up.

Product Manager

2015 — 2016

I adopted and supported an agile development and testing process, tailored to the needs of a small, focused development team building a social video app. I was responsible for compiling product specifications and documentation, helped with programming and marketing tasks where possible, and provided feedback to co-founders on strategic decisions.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

2013 — 2015
The University of Kansas

I taught private lessons and keyboard proficiency classes to undergraduates, and was responsible for curriculum design and pacing. My students consistently received highest average scores in department on standardized tests. While in this position, I proactively implemented research-supported pedagogical practices to improve student achievement.